Warmer Wednesday – Gallery Collection

The gallery collection is a bit special – decide between the classic cream or cube ebony warmer and then pick your frames(s!).

Cube Ebony


gallery cream

Classic cream

As well as the frame in the classic cream picture I have tendrils, brilliance, shine and brass blossom because I’m indecisive and couldn’t pick just one.  Thankfully the frames are only £7.75 each!  I think the brilliance, sparkle, dazzle and shine frames suit the cube ebony warmer more so than the classic cream because the funky modern patterns work well with the sleeker lines of ebony.  The more vintage style frames are beautiful with classic cream but feel free to mix and match to your heart’s content.

The light these warmers give off is fantastic, they can be used as mood lighting or a night-light and the variety of frames means you’ll never get bored.  The frames are magnetic and click on to the front of the warmer. They are very easy to put on and take off so there’s minimal faffing when you fancy a change.

GalleryThe snapshot frames are designed to hold a photo which makes these warmers the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, or simply for yourself to display your favourite picture.

I tend to encourage folk who have difficulty deciding on a warmer to go for these as you can change the look completely without splashing out on a new warmer.

Which would you choose?


Warmer Wednesday – Flower Vine



This gorgeous warmer is from the deluxe range and is one of my favourites.  It is truly stunning when lit and is one of the brightest of the warmers. The warm white finish will fit in beautifully with any room decor.

I have my flower vine in the sitting room.  Where would you put yours?

At only £33, how could you resist?


Christmas is coming!

Scentsy makes a perfect gift – it’s pretty, practical and unusual and beats socks any day!
The Silhouette Collection is fantastic because once you’ve purchased the warmer (£44 including a wrap of your choice), you can get as many wraps and you like (£13.25 each) and swap between them to completely change the look of your warmer.


There are new wraps launched with each new catalogue and also seasonal specials…

xmas wraps

Then all you have to do is choose your scents!