Wonderful weekend with lots of food!

I know it’s Monday and therefore my weekend is over, but it was full of nice things – food and friends.  All you need for happiness really!

Saturday saw us heading to a friend’s house for a birthday dinner with pasta, fizz and homemade (and rather fabulous!) macaroons.  It was a very fun evening!  On Sunday I cooked a proper roast dinner for us, one of my best friends and her husband.  I made chicken with all the trimmings, including a honey roast ham.  I’ve been experimenting with different glazes for my ham recently as I tend to always the honey and brown sugar version I made on Sunday. it’s simple and tasty – enough runny honey to coat your cooked ham with about the same amount of soft brown sugar mixed into it, rubbed on the ham and baked until it darker and caramelised.  It’s a gorgeous mix of sweet and savoury and is very moreish.

I’ve been meaning to try this one for a while and finally got round to it recently.  It’s a sticky marmalade ham by John Torode off the BBC Good Food website.  I left out the cloves as a) I didn’t have any, b) I’m not a fan anyway (memories of eating a whole one as a child not realising what it was!).  It is more tart than the honey and brown sugar glaze; I loved it, himself wasn’t as keen but ate it anyway.  It was food after all!  I would make it again but as a main event rather than to go along side chicken.  Sooner rather than later!

The search for a new favourite ham glaze continues.  Please comment your favourite recipe below and inspire me!


London Christmas Markets

Himself and I had a lovely day trip into Central London during the week with the sole purpose of eating as many yummy things from as many yummy food stalls as we could because tis the season (for Christmas markets!)  We picked a drizzly day but it ended up being a blessing in disguise as the crowds weren’t as bad as they could have been.London Eye

Our first stop, and usual favourite was the South Bank Market.  We got very confused because the layout is different this year and we possibly couldn’t find all of the stalls.  Still, he had a pork souvlaki wrap from The Grilling Greek and was very happy.  I was hankering for a cinnamon roll that I had at the market last year.  It was no ordinary roll – it was the size of my head and covered in caramel and pecans.  It was messy and glorious and I NEEDED another one.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the stall so we decided to look elsewhere.  I will return on a day it isn’t raining and search everywhere in case I’ve missed it!

If you know of its whereabouts please tell me in the comments below and make my December 🙂

Elsewhere turned out to be Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.  It is huge and very very pretty with lots of pine and twinkly fairy lights.  We were like two children with excited squeaks of “look at this!” and “I have to eat that!  Now!”.  We spent several hours wandering around and I still don’t think we saw all of it.  I did have a gorgeous burger though, and then had food envy.  That said, no matter what I’d eaten I would still have wanted other things.  Just no pleasing some people! The ice skating is on my hit list for a non-rainy day.  Himself isn’t so keen – I want to teach him to skate but he has images of Bambi on ice and a resulting concussion.  Drama queen methinks!

Winter Wonderland wheel Winter Wonderland twinkly!The walk from Hyde Park back to Waterloo was beautiful, but then again London at night is my favourite London.  I can’t wait to do it all again.


Scentsy Jolly Holiday Sale

For one day only on the 1st of December, Scentsy will be selling bundles of goodies at up to 75% off!  The sale runs from 0800 until 2359 and all bundles are available only while stocks last.

Jolly holidayThere will be bundles for him, for her, for little ones and stocking fillers too!  Even us Scentsy consultants have no idea what is going to be included.  All we have been given is this:

Here is an example of a bundle that will be available — the For Him Bundle:

Edge Deluxe Warmer

1 Embers Scentsy Bar                               1 Irish Peat Scentsy Bar

1 Route 66 Scentsy Bar                             1 My Dear Watson Scentsy Bar

1 Simply Irresistible Scentsy Bar           1 Silk & Ivory Scentsy Bar

The For Him Bundle will be £36.30, which is a 40 percent discount off the full retail price of £60.50!

The Edge warmer is in the current catalogue for £33!

That’s honestly as much as I know – it will be as much of a surprise for me as for you!

Because it’s only while stocks last, all orders must be made through my website https://daniellesscents.scentsy.co.uk where there will be a special Jolly Holiday tab on the menu.  The orders will be shipped directly to you and even if the order is above £150, shipping will still be payable (even for consultants!) as you will be getting such good deals on the bundles.  It’s a small price to pay for getting a beautiful bargain!  Just make sure you select “1st December Jolly Holiday Sale” from the drop down below the pick a party box!

I’m really looking forward to it and to finding out what’s on offer.  It’s nice to be surprised for a change!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to help.  I’ll also update you as I find out more, so it’s worth opting in to my newsletter below.



Fragrance Friday – Sticky Cinnamon Bun


I’m not a fan of cinnamon, except in cakes and coffee so I’ve had this bar of Sticky Cinnamon Bun for ages and kept putting off warming it.  This week I gave in to the guilt trip every time I looked at it and decided to open it, not least because I have so many bars I want to use and enjoy before getting to my new ones!

I was very pleasantly surprised.  Yes it is cinnamony but not that hit you between the eyes kind of strong, overwhelming cinnamon.  You can smell vanilla and the pastry underneath.  It’s really very nice and gave me a hankering for a cinnamon bun; specifically the ones available in the past from London’s Southbank Christmas Market.  I’ve yet to satisfy this craving, so will just have to make do with the calorie free alternative warming in my living room for now!

Seasonal Scents

For me, the best thing about Scentsy is the variety of fragrances and the ability to swap them as often as you fancy!

With the evenings drawing in and Christmas approaching it’s the cinnamon and spice smells which are the most popular at the minute.  I don’t usually like that category of scent as I tend to find them very overpowering but even I’ve managed to find a few seasonal smells I love from the current collection.

My hotlist includes:

Boho – a bohemian fragrance of clove-studded winter apples, entwined with juicy black plums, candied mulberries and cinnamon sticks.  Gently spiced.

Autumn Sunset – apples, pumpkins, autumn leaves and spices.  Cozy but crisp.

Honey Pear Cider – fresh, juicy pear and sweet honey together with subtle hints of spices.  Sweet and warming.

And for something completely different (and not just cos I love the name!) – Eskimo Kiss – blackberry jam, carmelised brown sugar, vanilla and amber in a softly romantic scent.  Subtle but stunning.

What scents do you tend to go for?

Have a look here and see if we have anything similar or discover something new.


I love winter… I love the fresh frosty mornings and getting wrapped up warm so you’ve cold and rosy cheeks and the rest of you is toasty warm. I love the dark evenings perfect for stews and casseroles and comfort food. I love coming into the warm house from the cold outdoors. I love hot baths and fluffy pyjamas (I think my other half despairs!). I especially love curling up on the sofa with a book and a mug of tea while the rain in battering the windows.

What about winter makes you happy?