Host a Party

If you book a party with me, you’ll have all sorts of lovely things to look forward to.  First and foremost, it can be a girly night in or something more formal at a women’s group or church or school event.

Secondly, you’ll get a chance to familiarise yourself with our products and to test all the fragrances we carry.  I’ll bring a few warmers to set up and have working, as well as a Buddy and a few items from our bath & body range.

Thirdly, although there’s no obligation at all for anyone to buy anything or to sign up to Scentsy, there are fantastic hostess benefits for qualifying parties…

host rewardsI can do a home party where you invite your friends over and I come to your house and show the products.

You can do a basket party where you take my mini samples, a warmer and a catalogue and show your friends and family in your own time (and without having to do the cleaning!)

I can also do a Facebook party where you invite your friends and get comfy in front of the computer for a run through of the products and a Q&A session.  Pyjamas and fluffy socks optional, snacks and a nice drink mandatory!!

You’ll get the hostess benefits for any and all of these party types as long as the party qualifies.


If you would like to book a party, get in touch below.  I’d very much like to hear from you!


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