Warmers, waxes, scented cuddly critters, bath and body products, laundry care and  on the go fragrance – there’s something for everyone!


Silhouette Collection £44 warmer & wrap: choose from Etched Core or Travertine core, then choose your wrap.  I have a couple of wraps and switch between them for a varied look.

Gallery Collection  £39 warmer & frame: choose from Classic Cream or Cube Ebony, then choose your frame to set it off… it even has a photo frame attachment.  A glamorous gorgeous glow!

Premium Warmers £39: hand finished with handcrafted ornaments and distinctive finishes

Deluxe Warmers £33: bold colours, textures and patterns… something for everyone!

Element Warmers £28: our most simple, no lights, no fuss, just lovely fragrances and beautiful designs.


Have a look at our specials – offers up for grabs!


You can get in touch with me and ask when I’m placing my next order if you’re local (I’m based in Surbiton, Surrey) and are happy to collect or arrange delivery.

Or you can buy direct from my website and have your order shipped to your own address.

It may be best to let me know if you’re thinking of placing an order so I can check all of your desired items are in stock.



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