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I’m a nurse from Northern Ireland living and working in Surrey.  I moved here in 2011 and I’m privileged to have my family back home and my new family here in the form of an amazing circle of friends.  When I’m not playing with warmers and waxes, I enjoy reading, cooking, exploring London and watching a good costume drama and will most likely post about all of these things!



I first discovered Scentsy when I went home to Northern Ireland to visit my family. Mum had a warmer in the kitchen and I fell in love!  I got myself one and then started thinking that I hadn’t seen anything like it over here in England so started introduciing it to my friends.  They loved it too so I bit the bullet and signed up to start selling it back in Februaury 2014.

As it turns out, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made I’ve been off work since March 2014 having medical treatment for breast cancer. Scentsy has been invaluable for many reasons, not least the financial assistance the consultant income provided. It’s been something else to focus on and I’ve met many lovely people as customers and from the consultant Facebook pages.

I was nervous about starting my own business but my directors and lots of other consultants provided so much help and advice that I quickly became confident in what I was doing and my business has benefitted.

Scentsy is a big thing in the US, Canada and Northern Ireland. It’s only starting to take off over here in England. If you’d like to get involved let me know, and I’ll help and support you to hit the ground running!
What I love about Scentsy

no flame – no smell when you blow out a flame, undoing all the good work of the scent.
the safety aspect – there’s no flame to leave unattended, and the wax doesn’t get too hot (around 56 degrees rather than 1000 degrees you get with a candle flame). Fantastic for my accident prone self, and no more panicking if I’ve blown out the candle before leaving the house!

variety – there are lots of different warmers to suit lots of personalities and room decors. At this rate I’m going to end up with one in each room! There are seasonal warmers released at different times of the year, usually Halloween and Christmas, as well as the odd one off specials.

the wax – it’s a paraffin food grade wax which was chosen for it’s scent holding capabilities as well as it’s firmness and low melting point. Once you fancy a change you simply pour the melted wax back into the bar, wipe the dish and pop in a new fragrance. Simple! It’s also non-toxic and as it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t release any harmful chemicals. It’s biodegradable too!

the scents – there’s such a wide choice that there’s something for whatever the mood, and chopping and changing is easy if you fancy something different. The fragrance collection changes twice a year so there’s always something new to try.

the value – after you buy the warmer, the wax bars are cheaper and last longer than a scented candle. Each cube lasts 8-10 hours, and you get 8 in a bar! Of course some scents smell stronger than others but it’s all about personal taste. The warmers all come with a 3 year warranty, and our customer support team are very helpful when sorting out the occasional problems.

the style – the warmers are really lovely and very high quality. That was what hooked me in the first place! They are ceramic or porcelain and many are hand finished so no two are identical.


Over to you…

If you like the sound of Scentsy or my ramblings about food and life in general, please folow my blog and feel free to comment on anything that takes your fancy.



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