Wonderful weekend with lots of food!

I know it’s Monday and therefore my weekend is over, but it was full of nice things – food and friends.  All you need for happiness really!

Saturday saw us heading to a friend’s house for a birthday dinner with pasta, fizz and homemade (and rather fabulous!) macaroons.  It was a very fun evening!  On Sunday I cooked a proper roast dinner for us, one of my best friends and her husband.  I made chicken with all the trimmings, including a honey roast ham.  I’ve been experimenting with different glazes for my ham recently as I tend to always the honey and brown sugar version I made on Sunday. it’s simple and tasty – enough runny honey to coat your cooked ham with about the same amount of soft brown sugar mixed into it, rubbed on the ham and baked until it darker and caramelised.  It’s a gorgeous mix of sweet and savoury and is very moreish.

I’ve been meaning to try this one for a while and finally got round to it recently.  It’s a sticky marmalade ham by John Torode off the BBC Good Food website.  I left out the cloves as a) I didn’t have any, b) I’m not a fan anyway (memories of eating a whole one as a child not realising what it was!).  It is more tart than the honey and brown sugar glaze; I loved it, himself wasn’t as keen but ate it anyway.  It was food after all!  I would make it again but as a main event rather than to go along side chicken.  Sooner rather than later!

The search for a new favourite ham glaze continues.  Please comment your favourite recipe below and inspire me!


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