London Christmas Markets

Himself and I had a lovely day trip into Central London during the week with the sole purpose of eating as many yummy things from as many yummy food stalls as we could because tis the season (for Christmas markets!)  We picked a drizzly day but it ended up being a blessing in disguise as the crowds weren’t as bad as they could have been.London Eye

Our first stop, and usual favourite was the South Bank Market.  We got very confused because the layout is different this year and we possibly couldn’t find all of the stalls.  Still, he had a pork souvlaki wrap from The Grilling Greek and was very happy.  I was hankering for a cinnamon roll that I had at the market last year.  It was no ordinary roll – it was the size of my head and covered in caramel and pecans.  It was messy and glorious and I NEEDED another one.  Sadly, I couldn’t find the stall so we decided to look elsewhere.  I will return on a day it isn’t raining and search everywhere in case I’ve missed it!

If you know of its whereabouts please tell me in the comments below and make my December 🙂

Elsewhere turned out to be Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland.  It is huge and very very pretty with lots of pine and twinkly fairy lights.  We were like two children with excited squeaks of “look at this!” and “I have to eat that!  Now!”.  We spent several hours wandering around and I still don’t think we saw all of it.  I did have a gorgeous burger though, and then had food envy.  That said, no matter what I’d eaten I would still have wanted other things.  Just no pleasing some people! The ice skating is on my hit list for a non-rainy day.  Himself isn’t so keen – I want to teach him to skate but he has images of Bambi on ice and a resulting concussion.  Drama queen methinks!

Winter Wonderland wheel Winter Wonderland twinkly!The walk from Hyde Park back to Waterloo was beautiful, but then again London at night is my favourite London.  I can’t wait to do it all again.



One thought on “London Christmas Markets

  1. I found this which looks super promising for cinnamon buns!

    Scoff a cinnamon bun
    Nordic bakery

    Golden Square
    14A Golden Square, W1F 9JG,

    This Soho bakery does a fine line in kanebulle: sticky cinnamon buns, which are a traditional Scandinavian Christmas-time treat.

    Also, Borough Market and London Bridge have amazing markets at this time of year and might just have the buns!


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